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Reconnecting ancient woodlands

Are you a landowner in the Lost Woods area? We need your help to reconnect our ancient woodlands and revive one of our most important habitats.

We’re looking for landowners with small, medium or large parcels of land, who are interested in joining our woodland creation scheme and receiving free support to plant new trees and shrubs. From planning to planting, find out how we can support you at each step.

Creating nature corridors

Over past centuries, our ancient woodlands have steadily reduced in size and become separate from one another. The isolation of remaining woodlands makes them vulnerable to damage from pollution, disease and flooding. This ultimately leads to a loss of biodiversity.

We’re looking for places in the Lost Woods area where we can reconnect fragmented woods, through replanting and natural regeneration. As these living corridors grow, wildlife will return and biodiversity will flourish.

© JamesRatchford/ WTML

© James Ratchford/ WTML

What’s involved?

Contact us and one of the Lost Woods team will be in touch to find out about your land and if it can be incorporated into the scheme.

Together they will work with you on a plan and replanting scheme for your land. And don’t worry, we can find you help with planting!

Funding is available too, our project partner the Woodland Trust has its MoreWoods and MoreHedges schemes which our team can guide you through.

Find out more

If you’re a private owner or an organisation that looks after land and you’d like to know more, please contact us for a no-obligation chat.

Woodland management training

We have a range of subsidised training courses on sustainable woodland management and heritage skills.