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Love the woods, leave no trace

Leave no trace when visiting your local woods and protect vital habitats for generations to come.

Woodlands offer an ideal place for everyone to experience nature. Whether walking the dog, taking the children out for a scavenger hunt, going foraging or practising mindfulness – being out in the woods will most likely boost your mood and sense of wellbeing.

To help our woodland habitats and their wildlife to thrive, here’s how to plan you visit so you leave no trace behind.

Exploring woodlands responsibly

Our project partner The Woodland Trust offers these excellent tips on how best we can all play our part to protect our local woods.

1. Stay on the paths
2. Take dog mess home
3. Be cool – don’t light fires or BBQs
4. Take your litter home
5. Leave sleepovers to the wildlife
6. Park with consideration
7. Check bike access
8. Forage responsibly

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