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About the Lost Woods project

Lost Woods is bringing local people together to learn about, explore, and care for woods across the Low Weald and Downs. Together, we can reconnect with our ancient woodlands and revive, restore, and protect them for future generations.

The five-year project (running until Autumn 2027) is made possible with The National Lottery Heritage Fund.

What do we mean by ‘Lost Woods’?

Across the Sussex Low Weald and Downs, ancient woodlands have been broken up and separated by expanding development. We need to act now - to reconnect and strengthen them for the future - before they’re lost forever.

We’re reversing the damage by regenerating lost areas of woodland and creating nature corridors between them.

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Rebuilding our lost connections

In our communities, many of us have lost a connection to our local woods. We might not know how to enjoy all they offer, or how we can play our own part in looking after this ancient landscape and its wildlife.

Some people may feel excluded, or face barriers to accessing their local woodland. We’re working with local landowners, volunteers and community groups to rebuild that connection through training, activities and inspiration.

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Rediscovering our lost trees

The project area is home to irreplaceable ancient and veteran trees, which provide habitats for a host of wildlife. But despite their age and value, ancient trees are in danger of being lost because they lack legal protection.

We’re working with volunteers to record every one of these precious trees – so we better understand how to protect their futures.

The benefits of healthy, thriving woodlands for everyone

As our Lost Woods recover, the impact of their revival will be wide-reaching. From personal wellbeing to protecting our planet, healthy woodlands are a vital part of our ecosystem.
They can help to:

Bring us together
Boost our mood
Feed us
Connect us to our past
Protect our planet
Give wildlife a home
Who we are

Our project team is made up of staff and volunteers from four partner charities: Action in Rural Sussex, Small Woods Association, Sussex Wildlife Trust and The Woodland Trust.

The project is made possible with support from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

By working closely together and sharing our expertise with local community groups, we will help to restore and revive woodlands.


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With your support, we can transform our Lost Woods into Loved Woods. Everyone can play their part. If you’d like to get involved, we’d love to hear from you.