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Explore the woods

Discover the breathtaking landscapes and ancient woodlands of the Low Weald and Downs.

We want all local people to have access to the Lost Woods.

Spending time in woodlands not only improves our physical health but also our mental wellbeing.  Time in nature gives us a chance to rest and recharge from our busy lives, helping us to feel happier and calmer.

Many people have told us that they want to spend more time in nature, but they don’t always know which woodlands are open to the public.  

Throughout the life of this five-year project, we are aiming to make the Lost Woods more accessible to people in Sussex, so that we can all experience the health benefits they bring.

Enjoying woodlands

We have a guide full of ideas on how you can enjoy the Lost Woods. Download ‘From lost woods to loved woods’ below.

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explore woodlands

We want to see more local people exploring the Lost Woods, especially those who may face barriers in accessing nature.  

The Lost Woods team would love to hear from Community groups who would be interested in working together to bring the benefits of being in woodlands to their group members.

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discover how to explore the woods