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Become a citizen scientist

What is citizen science?

Citizen science is scientific research carried out by the public which contributes to our understanding of the natural world. You can take part in national wildlife surveys while on woodland walks or from your own home, recording your findings on apps and websites that will help scientists quickly gather data over a wide area.

It can be a lot of fun and you don’t need any specialist knowledge to take part. You can learn some valuable skills, as many citizen science initiatives give you lots of guidance on what to look out for. And you’ll be micro-volunteering for lots of wildlife charities at the same time!

National citizen science projects you can join

These Citizen Science projects run each year and are great activities for every age group. Click to visit each website.

Citizen science apps

Download these apps and be ready to record sightings as quickly as it takes to get your phone out of your pocket! You will be helping scientists to monitor the health of our wildlife and plants, and provide evidence of how to support our natural world.